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Katarina♥. Four and Twenty. I am not a girl, I am a wolf. Ukrainian - French + French - Irish - English - Native. ♌ Proud Leo. Canadian . Taken by Richard since January 25th 2008. Fear cuts deeper than swords. Painter. Photographer. Book Worm. Day Dreamer. Iggy Pop and Rammstein fan. Fallout 3/New Vegas addict. Lover of science. Nerd. Weirdo. Undercover Goth. Dirty minded. LOVES coffee and tea. Turtle mom to Sheldon.

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1491: 100 HORROR MOVIES. 31 DAYS. CAN YOU DO IT? (2010, 2011)

so i decided to take part in horror_challeng, which is to watch 100 horror movies during the month of october. here are the rules:

• It must be a horror movie although cross genre movies are allowed.
• I have five wild cards that I can use any way I'd like.
• It must be a movie or made for tv movie, no regular tv shows.
• It must meet the minimum of 60+ minutes in length.
• It must be counted once and only once, no repeats.

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i'm currently reading:

i have read 17,020 pages out of 30,000 pages. so i'm 57% done!
i reached 15,000 pages on: june 15th 2011

01. "watchmen" By Alan Moore
02. "twilight" By Stephenie Meyer
03. "sin city [a dame to kill for]" By Frank Miller
04. "new moon" By Stephenie Meyer
05. "persepolis" By Marjane Satrapi
06. "eclipse" By Stephenie Meyer
07. "breaking dawn" By Stephenie Meyer
08. "story of o" By Pauline Réage
09. "world war z" By Max Brooks
10. "pygmy" By Chuck Palahniuk
11. "pride and prejudice and zombies" By Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith
12. "dead until dark" By Charlaine Harris
13. "a stir of echoes" By Richard Matheson
14. "living dead in dallas" By Charlaine Harris
15. "club dead" By Charlaine Harris
16. "dead to the world" By Charlaine Harris
17. "dead as a doornail" By Charlaine Harris
18. "definitely dead" By Charlaine Harris
19. "all together dead" By Charlaine Harris
20. "from dead to worse" By Charlaine Harris
21. "v for vendetta" By Alan Moore
22. "dead and gone" By Charlaine Harris
23. "candide" By Voltaire
24. "the lovely bones" By Alice Sebold
25. "the shining" By Stephen King
26. "the handmaid's tale" By Margaret Atwood
27. "dead in the family" By Charlaine Harris
28. "tell all" By Chuck Palahniuk
29. "scott pilgrim's precious little life" By Bryan Lee O'Malley
30. "a study in scarlet" By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
31. "scott pilgrim vs the world" By Bryan Lee O'Malley
32. "scott pilgrim and the infinite sadness" By Bryan Lee O'Malley
33. "scott pilgrim gets it together" By Bryan Lee O'Malley
34. "sign of the four" By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
35. "scott pilgrim vs the universe" By Bryan Lee O'Malley
36. "scott pilgrim's finest hour" By Bryan Lee O'Malley
37. "adventures of sherlock holmes" By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
38. "the walking dead [book 1]" By Robert Kirkman
39. "the memoirs of sherlock holmes" By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
40. "the walking dead [book 2]" By Robert Kirkman
41. "the walking dead [book 3]" By Robert Kirkman
42. "the walking dead [book 4]" By Robert Kirkman
43. "the walking dead [book 5]" By Robert Kirkman
44. "the walking dead [book 6]" By Robert Kirkman
45. "abraham lincoln: vampire hunter" By Seth Grahame-Smith
46. "the hunger games" By Suzanne Collins
47. "a game of thrones: a song of ice and fire: book one" By George R.R. Martin
48, "a clash of kings" By George R.R. Martin
49. "catching fire" By Suzanne Collins
50. "mockingjay" By Suzanne Collins
51. "damned" By Chuck Palahniuk
list last updated on: november 5, 2011